Born With Technology At Their Fingerprints

It amazes me what you can see on one subway ride. This morning I was on my way to Ryerson University and on this ride, I saw a child who was most likely a toddler as they were still in a stroller, operating their mother’s cell phone.


The child was first watching a video on the phone and then with ease switched the phone to go out of the video and find the game Temple Run for them to play with. The child knew all of the operations of the game on the cell phone, so they easily swiped up and down to get further along in the game. It was unclear to me though if the cell phone was being used as a distraction tool for the child or if the child had asked for the phone, however through prior knowledge it may have been a way for the mother to keep the child entertained through what may seem to be a boring subway ride. I was amazed at how fast and efficiently the child was maneuvering the game operations while only using their thumb to swipe while I need to use at least two or three fingers to play a similar game. The fact that the child was using a cell phone and it was a touch screen means that it was an active form of technology in use. This child is obviously a millennial as they were born in the years that have a development of technology and technology itself being reinvented into something bigger and better. You can also refer to this child as a digital native since the child is currently growing up in a generation that has technology being a major part of their world and how they view it. This experience made me realize that technology can have a positive impact on a child’s life, however it also has me question whether or not this parent was just using the cell phone as a busy tool to keep their child busy or if there was any learning going on while the child was watching a video that I could not tell what it was. What are your thoughts?


One thought on “Born With Technology At Their Fingerprints

  1. Great post!
    In my experience, I see that a lot, especially in a mall setting. I would see a child crying and the mother would had the child a phone or an ipad with their favourite game/video to comfort them. I think that digital technology is growing and more children are getting more exposure to it at an early age. However, I do think we need to be aware of how children are using phone and ipads. Digital devices shouldn’t be a means of distraction, but something that should be part of a learning process or an reward. It should always be connected to fun and educational development.

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