First Twitter Chat Experience

Earlier today was my very first experience of taking part in a twitter chat for my Children and Technology course at Ryerson University. Let’s just say I have never taken part in a Twitter chat before so I had no idea what to expect. I did however read two articles of how social media affects early childhood educators and how it can be incorporated into their daily planning.

I found out that as soon as this experience began there was absolutely no way I would be able to catch up on what everyone was writing as practically every few seconds, a new tweet would pop up. It was hard to keep track of everyone’s tweets as there were multiple side conversations going on as well. This twitter chat was the fastest hour I have ever experienced in my life. Here are some highlights from the Twitter chat which was all under the hashtag #cld419tech.

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Most of the twitter chat was focused on professional development for teachers and educators. The main focus was how technology could impact an individual teachers professional growth and development. Not only were we able to reflect on articles that we had to read in order for preparation of this Twitter chat, we were encouraged to find other resources educators could use to advance there personal and professional growth. The resources that were highlighted were either articles, or videos from YouTube. This experience allowed each and every one of us to get a compilation of resources that we could all use in the future.

For me personally, this experience was a very rewarding, educational and challenging one. I found it rewarding and educational as there were multiple resources that I found out about from my classmates and this would give me an opportunity to review and look at these resources and one day use them in my own classroom. This was a challenging experience as well as it was hard to keep up with everyone’s tweets and resources being provided, but at the end of the chat, it was easy to go back and look over what everyone had posted and gain a sense of what resources were mentioned and where each separate conversation was. At the end of the Twitter Chat I decided to create a wordle by asking everyone that participated for one word that described our first twitter chat experience and here is the result.


I look forward to the next Twitter Chat experience and hope that it is just as fun as this one was. If anyone is interested in finding any more helpful hints and tools in regards to children and the use of technology in the classroom feel free to look at our Twitter chat and view these resources.


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