Marble Run Experience-Constructivism in Action

Last week, in our children and technology class we had the opportunity to participate in creating our very own marble runs. This activity allowed for us to view the theory of constructivism play out live in front of our own eyes.

The first question that may come to mind for some is what is constructivism? Well, “Constructivism is a paradigm or worldview that posits learning as an active, constructive process. The learner is an information constructor. People actively construct or create their own subjective representations of objective reality. New information is linked to to prior knowledge, thus mental representations are subjective”  (Learning-Theories, 2015).That basically just says that constructivism is a theory that shows how an individual is responsible for their own learning and they are the creators of their knowledge. Individuals are no longer seen as having no prior knowledge in them that would not allow for them to create their own knowledge and build upon existing knowledge that they may already possess.

The process of us creating our marble run!

The task at hand was that we had was to create a marble run using limited resources that were provided to us from our professor. We also had the opportunity to bring some items of our own to assist in creating the marble run. This process of tinkering with the marble run allowed for us as individuals to work together in terms of stating all of our own personal opinions to see which may work in the creation of the run. All of us had the opportunity to construct a part of the marble run, but even if we did not physically handle the marble run structure or the marble itself, we used previous knowledge to allow everyone to provide their input. Everyone’s point of view as well as group decisions were being made by either lending personal belongings such as water bottles or binders to help assist with the structure and then seeing how all of the different items may contribute or hinder the marble to run it’s course. At the end of the day, all of us were in charge of our own learning, and had the opportunity to construct new knowledge that we may have not known or add to previous knowledge that was already stored inside of us. This experience was truly constructivism in action and I really hope to incorporate this theory into some of my practices in my future classrooms.


Learning-Theories. (2015, June 20). Constructivism – learning theories. Retrieved February 22, 2017, from Constructivist Theories,




2 thoughts on “Marble Run Experience-Constructivism in Action

  1. It is interesting that you related the marble run to the constructivist theory. I too believe that the constructivist theory is largely present when creating the marble run as the group was actively attempting to create meaning, the marble run. This process was also messy and complex, therefore the process of tinkering or creating the marble run relates to constructivist theory. It’s great that you added pictures in the blog as it makes the story more realistic for your readers!

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  2. I think it was significant that you mentioned working on the marble run with your group. Relating it to constructivism, an individual simply does not learn in a vacuum. Just as it is important to learn from the materials you manipulate and environment you learn in, the people you are surrounded by (educator, peers, family) influence our learning, too. Everyone brought their ideas to the marble run, and it is the additional perspectives that shape our learning.

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