Digital Natives: Who and How Should They be Taught?

The very first thing that you may be asking yourself reading the title of this blog is what in the world is a digital native? If there is such thing as a digital native is there such thing as a digital immigrant? Well, digital natives as stated by Zevenbergen (2007) “Prensky (2005) has coined the term ‘digital natives’ to refer to the generation who has grown up with digital technologies so that they are a part of their world view. Conversely, those generations who have not grown up in these technology-rich worlds are ‘digital immigrants’ – they can learn the new technologies but considerably more effort is required than for the digital natives” (p.20).

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Beyond the Classroom Podcast….Talking About Children and Technology

This amazing opportunity just fell into my lap one day. One of my Facebook friends had posted this message onto their page:

CaptureThis was a perfect opportunity for me to show what I had learned about technology and children from the course “Children and Technology” at Ryerson University. I contacted my friend, he introduced me to his client, a representative from an organization called Beyond the Classroom and then me and the representative spoke and we set a date for our podcast.

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