Beyond the Classroom Podcast….Talking About Children and Technology

This amazing opportunity just fell into my lap one day. One of my Facebook friends had posted this message onto their page:

CaptureThis was a perfect opportunity for me to show what I had learned about technology and children from the course “Children and Technology” at Ryerson University. I contacted my friend, he introduced me to his client, a representative from an organization called Beyond the Classroom and then me and the representative spoke and we set a date for our podcast.

After receiving the questions from the representative, majority of them I could answer based off of personal experience, however some of them I needed to look up and find answers to as well. This allowed for me to do some more professional learning on top of the professional development that had occurred throughout my entire course. This is not something that was being done to me, rather it was me looking up further information so that I could become a bit more knowledgeable about the aspects of technology that may have not been mentioned within the course that the representative from Beyond the Classroom has wanted to know further information about. I was actively participating in searching for the answers rather than being told to sit in a classroom and find the answer through lecture material.

Goble and Horm (2010) state that “Professional development is more than taking a college class or attending a workshop. Just as children’s development encompasses more than the old “nature versus nurture” debate, the growth of teaching competence involves more than just believing that we can make decisions that impact our own professional development and teaching quality. Wittmer and Petersen tell us that becoming a professional “requires courage, commitment, and caring” (2006, 358). They add that to be “a reflective, theory-based professional is to reflect on your vision for children and families, professional philosophy, ethical values, and professional plan (your vision for yourself)” (p. 88).  In my case, I did all of the above because not only did I attend a university level course called children and technology, I dove deeper to find out more information about the topic so that I would be bale to answer some of the questions being asked of me in this podcast.


Beyond the Classroom Logo courtesy of

Being involved in this podcast, broadened my horizons as not only was I able to answer the questions given to me by the representative, I was allowed to choose my topic which was children and technology, I was allowed to pull from prior knowledge That I had learned from my course and take the opportunity to perform professional learning opportunities for myself as I searched deeper on the internet into some aspects that were not discussed. The representatives comments towards my answers also allowed for me to think a bit deeper into whether or not I would want for children to use technology everyday within my own classroom setting or if there should be a limit of some sort provided.


Goble, C. B., & Horm, D. M. (2010). Take Charge of Your Personal and Professional Development. Young Children, 65(6), 86-91.



2 thoughts on “Beyond the Classroom Podcast….Talking About Children and Technology

  1. It’s great that you are able to gain new knowledge, and share what you learned, too. I find that podcasts is a personal conversation, that is available for anyone to listen to. This is such a cool opportunity!

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