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On March 15, 2017, our children and technology class had the opportunity to create our very own playshops. Then, on March 29, 2017, all of the groups within our class had the opportunity to showcase their final playshop assignment which was a video of the process of creating the playshop.

Now, you may be asking yourself what exactly is a playshop? Well, a “playshop is a curricular model that is developed to encourage playful and collaborative learning as well as the rigorous learning that the Common Core standards hope to inspire. Each playshop features different combinations of literacy, arts, sciences, or technology” (Wohlwend & Peppler, 2015 ,p.23).

For my groups playshop we chose to create a design playshop as the children would be able to create their own string and cup phones using a variety of resources. Here are some photos of our finished products as well as a photo of us working on it together.

Even though the children can use everyday items, an aspect of technology can be added by allowing them to use electronics such as lights that have on and off switches to add to create whatever playshop they feel like creating for themselves and there are plenty of ways that the educator can encourage literacy, art, drama, and science while the children are creating them or what they can be used for after the creations are complete. Even allowing the children to video record their progress allows for technology to be incorporated and they can make their own video that afterwards can be shown to their parents or other educators if the child permits their teacher to do so. This idea of using playshops for children to learn will allow for technology to be used in the classroom as well as other materials and the students would be able to use their own creative ideas and then incorporate multiple educational aspects as well.

Here are some examples of videos that our class created from playshops. Thank you #techies, #gadgetgurus and #what’sappgirls for allowing me to use your videos as examples.

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3 thoughts on “Playshops

  1. What an awesome experience! I like how you used everyday items to create your playshop. This makes learning accessible for everyone. It is also very open-ended, which allows children to create what is relevant to their life.

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  2. Love all the videos on the playshops!.
    This is another resource for educators, to enhance their knowledge about playshops. Creating a playshop is not only fun, but supports the children’s growth and development! Playshops are so open ended, it makes it an opportunity for children to explore and be creative!

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  3. Thank you for including the Gadget Gurus’s video. I agree that playshops are amazing ways to combine various school subjects such as literacy, art, and science! Do you think that playshops can be used in other subjects (I.e. social studies and math) as well?

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